Coffins, Caskets & Urns


Coffins, Caskets & Urns

We have a range of coffins, caskets and urns from which to choose.


Coffins and caskets include traditional oak or elm, bamboo, willow, veneer and ecological. We can also supply contemporary printed coffins.

Below are a few of the coffins that are available. We have great relationships with many national coffin suppliers- please ask for advice if you do not see what you are looking for.
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As with the coffins above, this is a small selection of the caskets that we carry. Please ask if you have something specific in mind.


When purchasing an urn you should consider where or if it is going to be buried. We have a wide selection of permanent and non-permanent or bio-degradable urns- please see below for some examples.  Please ask if you have something specific in mind.

For more information please telephone MW Funeral Directors in Bristol on 0117 950 4100