Memorial Stones

Memorial Stones, BristolMemorial Stones

MW Funeral Directors can advise you on memorial stones to mark a person’s final resting place. We usually advise on a stone called Purbeck.

Purbeck is a rich looking limestone, honey coloured and full of little shells and fossils. There are many different colours available, Thornback being the most suitable for headstones. When the texture of a stone is richly patterned as with fossil rich limestones, it can conflict which the shadow formed by the cut letter, so bold letterforms are called for.

Some people like to apply a wash of paint to the carved letters which provides a stronger inscription. Stonemasons use a paint designed especially for outdoor stone inscriptions which doesn’t chip, smear, fade, lose its gloss or run if exposed to paint stripper. We anticipate the paintwork on a stone to last for up to 10 years.

A Purbeck memorial stone can take up to twelve weeks from design to completion but will often be completed within four weeks. If you need a stone urgently please let us know and we will endeavour to fast-track it.

Most stones cost in the region of £500 – £700 depending size of the stone, the complexity of the design and number of letters in the inscription.