Most people will only organise two funerals in their lifetime. It is therefore inevitable that you will have questions about the process. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and also some question that we feel funeral organisers should ask. Please call or email us if your question is not answered here.

How can I be sure that the ashes that the crematorium gives me are those of my loved one?
The crematorium has strict code of conduct which they have to comply with by law.
They are very careful to make sure each cremation is kept separate.
Can I place personal effects in the coffin?
Yes, but please no large items of glass or metal.
How long until the funeral can be held? Is there a long waiting list?
We will try and to make it as close to the day you want, but it does depend on a number of factors. Your funeral director will be able to help you with this.
Will you be able to dress our loved one in their own clothes if we provide them?
Yes and we can collect the clothes at the time of the removal of deceased, or you can bring them to us at a later date.