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Supporting You as You Say Goodbye


Funeral and Memorial Services

When you choose our Funeral and Memorial Services, our caring and compassionate staff will help make sure everything is handled with a top level of care. We’re dedicated to making sure your arrangements run as smoothly as possible.

Cremation Services

At MW Funeral Directors, you are not alone. We strive to ensure all your wishes are carried out to the fullest, and do absolutely everything possible to make these difficult decisions as easy as possible.

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Burial Services

The expert staff at MW Funeral Directors will help you with all your questions and queries about our Burial Services. Everything will be personalized to your needs and completed exactly according to your wishes.

Coffins, Caskets & Urns

MW Funeral Directors can advise on a number of coffins, caskets and urns made from any number of materials from traditional wood to cardboard, willow or seagrass.

If cremation is the route chosen, we can supply a lovely range of urns suitable for the storing of a person’s ashes. These urns come in a range of designs that can look beautiful in pride of place in the home as well as being suitable for the scattering of the ashes.

We can help make final wishes reality.



Flowers are used to adorn coffins and urns, decorate the hearse and church, crematorium and burial plot. They are a beautiful, living memorial and a lovely way to bring colour and life into a sad occasion.

We have built up relationships with a number of florists in the area and are happy to advise on arrangements and sprays. We are also very happy if you would like to make your own arrangements.

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Memorial Stones

We can advise you on memorial stones to mark a person's final resting place and can place an order for you with one of our suppliers.

We work with extremely talented suppliers who will create a beautiful, lasting memorial that is completely bespoke. We will arrange the commissioning, delivery and installing of the memorial headstone for you so that you don’t have to worry.


Hearse & Transportation

Whilst the deceased is usually brought into our care in our private ambulance, they are transported to their final resting place in a hearse. On the day of the funeral, family members will often travel in a limousine thereby removing the stress of driving at a difficult time. Travelling by limousine also provides some privacy and allows family members to collect themselves between the service and the burial or cremation and the wake.

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