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Memorial Service

Arranging a Memorial Service

Arranging a Memorial for a Loved One – Ideas and Information

What is a Memorial?

A memorial can be an object which serves as a focus for the memory of something, normally to remember a deceased person, an event in history or an event in someone’s life. Memorials can be landmark objects, sculptures, statues, Trees, fountains, benches or parks, the list is endless.

The most common memorial that people think of is a headstone at a grave, memorial plaque or memorial service.

War memorials are also common, remembering those who have fought and died in wars across the world.

Online memorials are now being created using the internet on websites and social media which allows access to a person or event to anyone in the world who wants to search for it. 

Sometimes when a person dies a memorial gift may be given to the family as a tribute to the person who has passed and a mark of respect. Families often request that a memorial gift of money is given to a designated charity that is close to your heart and their life as a legacy for them, this is often requested instead of funeral or memorial service flowers. 

Often a tree is planed in memory of a person and this happens at woodland cemeteries where peoples loved ones are buried. 

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