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Talking about Death and Dying

Talking about Death and Dying discussed by MW Funeral Directors

Talking about death and dying is a really difficult conversation to have with your loved ones, however, it is a very important one. Our article talks about why it is so important, why people don’t, the things that need to be discussed and what can happen if you don’t talk about it.

Why is it so important talking about death and dying?

It’s a subject we all want to avoid talking about, however, it is such an important one. You probably know in your mind what you want to happen when you pass away but actually taking the time to talk about it often doesn’t happen and can cause upset and disagreements when you have passed. 

The first thing you should think and talk about is if you want to be cremated or buried. Some people find this really difficult to even think about but its better that you decide than your loved ones having to make the decision when you have passed away.

Some people prefer the thought of being buried with nature or maybe next to other family members and some people prefer the thought of cremation so their ashes can stay with their loved ones or be scattered in a place that they loved when they have passed. There really is no right or wrong decision and it is down to personal choice.

If you take the time to talk about this with your loved ones then it saves them a difficult decision when the time comes. There really is nothing worse than trying to cope with the passing of a loved one and having to make these sorts of decisions and worrying it may not have been what they wanted, so the easiest thing to do is talk about it and make your wishes known. 

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